African Lion

African Lion

African lions are the biggest of the African carnivores. Color is tawny to sandy brown. The long tail has a distinctive black tuft at the tip. The adult males have manes which vary in color from tawny to black.African lions have no specific habitat preference so they can be encountered anywhere, except in forests.

Lions can run at about 60 kilometers per hour, which is too slow to catch antelope in an open chase.Lion attacks are more successful in long grass and thick bush, when the target is alone and when they are able to stalk close, and on very dark nights. Chases longer than 300 meters are rare.

In many prides African lion males do not hunt.

The reason for this is that their manes and large size make them more conspicuous and less successful in the hunts than lionesses.The result is that these males live mainly off the efforts of their females.

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