Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Russian blues are an intelligent and curious breed, making them a perfect cat for learning tricks. I personally love to teach my cats do tricks, mainly for two reasons. One, because I have friends who believe that only dogs can do such things, I like proving them wrong. Second, because it is amazing to have a cat trained and also builds a stronger relationship between you and the animal you train.

The Russian blue is a very loving and affectionate companion for those who trusts. Empathetic to human emotions, will always try to cheer you up when you are in a bad mood. The usually bond with one individual more than others and they heavily display signs of affection to others who trust too. As loving and affectionate the russian blue might be, it demands your attention too and if you ignore this need, they will be hurt. They want and must be equal members of the family, otherwise you will end up with a bad relationship and neither will enjoy the company of the other.

In general Russian blues don’t have any problem being around children and other pets, by the time they bond with them, they will enjoy their company as much as they enjoy yours. Keep in mind though that because they startle easily and dislike strong sounds, loud babes won’t be a good fit, if you have such a babe, it is better to keep them apart until the baby grows up.

Russian Blue breeders all over the country have surely heard this at almost any show that they go to, just as Siamese (and Colorpoint Shorthair and Birman, and Himilayan) breeders hear it in reference to point restricted cats, and other breeders about their breeds.

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